Because of the benefits that Surefoot offers in terms of time and costs, a good number of Modular Building fabricators are choosing to use this footing option for projects all over Australia. One of them appointed Surefoot to be used in a three-storey structure in the inner east Melbourne suburb of Glen Iris.

After receiving the loadings from the structural engineer and the soil test, the selected footings were the S250 (previously SF-100) and S400, because of the difference in loadings on all of the footings. The selected connection was a steel stump welded directly into the Surefoot.

The building is an excellent example of modular technology being utilised to streamline the delivery process of the project. The project was constructed offsite in just 17 weeks. Delivery and installation on site was undertaken over the course of a week and was followed by 8 weeks onsite to complete services connections, landscaping and external works.

Once the footings were installed and the stumps were welded, the client proceeded to install the modules. In just three weeks the whole project was finished.

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